Friday, April 4, 2008

Thanks Dennis!

Dennis, you are so kind!  Dennis sent us oodles of beautiful red roses, which were distributed at the webheads' second dinner last night at Becco.  There were at least twenty people with so much coming and going that some of us were afraid the restaurant staff might toss us out--but they didn't, dinner was delicious and we all had fun.  More details (and photos) to come.


Dennis said...

Hi, Nina—and everyone.

I'm glad you liked the roses. Many, many thanks to Carla for taking the roses to Becco. I'm very, very grateful.

Enjoy what remains of TESOL!

Dennis in Phoenix

Mary H said...

Thank you for sending the beautiful flowers, Dennis! It was very kind and generous; I just wish you could have been there too :)

Dennis said...

Hi, Mary.

Re the flowers, it was my pleasure.

I also wish I could've been in New York, but that wasn't possible, so I figured that sending the flowers was the next best thing.

Hugs right back!