Sunday, April 6, 2008

Tools for Online ESL/EFL

TESOL Conference Tools to Explore!
Dear all, my experience at the TESOL conference in New york has been equally exciting and productive. I have learned how to use a couple of online tools worth exploring: I think any ESL/EFL instructor could use them to engage language learners in creative mini projects. I would like to share these with you:
1. Dvolver: allows teachers and learners to create and direct their own mini-movies. There are a few easy steps to follow - you can choose your characters, scenes and backgrounds, add text and music and your movie is ready! You can see the one I created for my American Culture students here :

2. Online Comics Generator: as many characters as you want, give them a "mood", add a thought or a talk balloon and your comics is ready for printing and using in class (great with elementary students).

3. Screen-o-Matic: to create a tutorial for your students? Do you want your students to create online projects where they would use their own voice? Try this tool - it's easy and it's free! (I recommend it for intermediate to advanced students)

Check my blog for other tools:

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