Thursday, April 3, 2008

Webhead Disconnected!

I am in the Business Center at the Sheraton New York, where Rita and I checked in today after one (expensive) night in a hostel on 47th Street where we were given a room so small it barely fit the bed, a sink, and us (except that there was a TV, of course--no bathroom, but a TV).

Rita could almost reach out and touch both walls at the Portland Square "Hotel"!

A group of us (including some spouses and friends) met for dinner at Pongsri Thai Restaurant, 244 West 48th Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue. I made the reservation. I started last week with a reservation for ten and kept calling back every couple of days as the number rose to fifteen and then twenty and then twenty-four.... People were still adding and subtracting themselves on the day of the dinner, and several just showed up at the restaurant! No matter, because the staff were very kind and flexible. I ordered pad thai, which I like because it isn't too spicy. I was surprised that several people sitting near me had never had Thai food before; it has become very popular in the DC area recently. Here are some pictures of our party at Pongsri Thai:

Mike Coghlan and Rita Zeinstejer at Pongsri Thai


Vance Stevens and Rita

Michael, Aiden and Daf

Ronaldo Lima Jr and Carla Arena

Teresa and Rita

Rita, Tere, Mike and Daf

Graham Stanley and Carla

Webheads at Pongsri Thai

After dinner, a smaller group headed to the Heartlands Brewery, W. 43rd Street and Broadway, for a beer (in my case, a very expensive bottle of water) and more conversation and webheads style bonding. Rita and I returned to our "hotel" at about 1 a.m.

Daf, Jeff, Tere and Moira at the Heartland Brewery and Chophouse

We were up at 6 and at the EV at 7:30, where we signed on as volunteers.

Rita presented her Serendity Project at the Hardware Fair, and we both attended a mini-workshop on using corpora for teaching writing, but we were so exhausted that we conked out in the middle. We grabbed a bite to eat and then took all our stuff (which had been sitting in the EV all day) to the Sheraton and were granted an early check-in. We are sharing a beautiful spacious room with my colleague Kathleen. We were delighted to find a luxurious bathroom with a plentiful supply of soap, which the PSq did not offer!

After a nap and a shower (lovely), I went to hear Tom Leverett's presentation on writing with blogs (saw Carla there and met Margot, Tom's sister).

Tom Leverett and his sister Margot with Carla Arena

Now I am on my way to the CALL-IS business meeting (I am late). My own EV Fair presentation is tomorrow at 9:30. I think I am ready.

Local webheads: see you at 8 pm at Becco, 355 West 46th St! Other webheads: Hugs and cheers from the Big Apple!

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