Sunday, January 27, 2008

where to eat

My sister Margot says that restaurants are very expensive in midtown and in general it's worth subway fare to go down to the Village or Chinatown where the cheap restaurants are.

If you do stay midtown, though, she says, walk west to get to all the good restaurants. She mentioned an Ethiopian place, which seems to be off the map, and also the Sushi-Ann which seems to be closer. Actually if I read this right, there are over 3000 of them in midtown west alone.

Looking forward to seeing the webheads! tom-


david santos said...

Hi, Tom!
I loved this text.

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey guys!

I have never been to NYC so I have no suggestions to make (but I'll surely go to webheads dinners). But a friend of mine showed me this website (, which has more than 6.000 restaurants in NYC listed. What I really liked about it is that, besides reading reviews and checking the price and quality ratings, after you select the restaurant, you can click "on screen menu" and read the whole menu, with the prices and everything. I guess it could be helpful.