Sunday, January 6, 2008


If our first get-together was a BIG success and a memorable experience to all 25 Webheads in Seattle..., this second occasion will definitely need to surpass expectations!!!

Let's share ideas, possible meeting places, whatever we can think of to make it a real blast! The more we are the more options to choose from!!!


Moira Hunter said...

It was great talking to you all in TI today and well done, Nina, on taking the initiative to create this blog for us all and the wiki.

As Rita said today, it's getting exciting, and as she wrote here, let's "make it a real blast!"

Nina Liakos said...

Dear Rita, thanks for getting the ball rolling with your two posts!

Nina Liakos said...

This will be fun!

Michael said...

More later from me but great to see this up and running. Can't believe that I'm actually gonna be there!

Dennis said...

Hi, Nina (and, at this point, Moira and Mike).

Yes, Rita did a good thing in inspiring you to do another TESOL blog, and I second Rita via Moira: "Let's make it a real blast!"

Mike, I wish I could be there. You are such a phenomenon that I'd love to meet you F2F to steal some of your boundless energy and creativity!

Nina, I thought last year's TESOL blog was fantastic, but I think this one is going to be even better (if that's possible)!

All the best--

Dennis in Phoenix

nagora said...

Even if I am unable to join you in NY at the conference, I'll be happy to read your postings and share your joy of meeting f2f.

Stay happy and the best of luck!

Much love,
Nina Lyulkun

Dennis said...

Hi, everyone.

Because this is already off to such a good start, I definitely think this blog will surpass expectations.

I've visited the wiki and FaceBook page: very nice indeed! I'll continue to visit them both regularly.

Since the wiki will be full of information by and for those who will be in NYC, there's not much I can add to it. I'll add comments from time to time on the FaceBook page, though.

Kudos, Nina, on setting up what will become an amazing repository of items that will help all share in "the TESOL 2008 experience."

Best wishes as always--

Dennis in Phoenix

Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

Hey guys, I'm extremely happy! I got a grant to attend TESOL in NYC and hope to finally meet many of you f2f there!

Moira Hunter said...

Wonderful news, Ronaldo!

Congrats and it will be marvellous to meet up f2f :-)))

Claire Bradin siskin said...

This year I super-want to attend, so whoever is organizing this, please post places, times, etc. for each night's dinner.


Beyza said...

Hi all,
I wish I could make it this year but it's really impossible. However,I'll be happy to know what you 'll be doing.Enjoy it:)
Best wishes