Monday, January 7, 2008

What TAG should we use, dear tesol2008webheads?

When planning any kind of collaborative event among distributed participants, it's wise to establish a tag early on. May I suggest tesol2008webheads?

Once we've fixed on a tag, we'll want to use that tag with all posts made here (along with webheadsinaction, another productive tag, and perhaps tesol2008 to fit in with the larger TESOL picture.

Then we'll want to register the tag at hitchikr and use it for flickr photos and tag everything imaginable, slideshares, etc with this tag.

tesol2008webheads sound ok?


Nina Liakos said...

tesol2008webheads sounds good to me, and thanks for the reminder about tagging--it's not really on my radar screen yet (tsk, tsk).

Teresa said...

tesol2008webheads also sounds good to me. It says it all.
Nina, you're not alone. So far tags aren't on my radar screen either.
Thanks for creating this blog. I'm going to look at the wiki now.
Beijinhos, Teresa

Dennis said...

Hi, everyone.

Nina, creating this blog was a wonderful idea, and I add my thanks to Teresa's. Last year's blog was a great success, and I think this one will be, too. It's also great that the 2008 blog is online now, considerably in advance of the convention.

I agree that tesol2008webheads is a good tag. If you like, you could also use webheads_in_action_2008 and webheadsinaction_2008. Tagging is only slightly on my radar screen, by the way!

I'll also take a look at the wiki.

All the best—

Dennis in Phoenix

RitaZ said...
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RitaZ said...

Great idea, dear Nina!
I agree with all your suggestions/ideas, let's start tagging, it's such a useful means of connecting and getting connected so easily!
(Can't wait to see all Webheads friends at TESOL!)