Monday, March 31, 2008

Hello from the Big Apple!

Hi all,

I'm already in the city where I've arrived yesterday.

It was beautiful yesterday, sunny and kind of warm; however, it's cloudy today and may rain later in the day, as Graham Stanly reported earlier today via Twitter.

Wednesday may be difficult for me to join you for dinner but will confirm that whenever I hear from another group I may dine with on Wed. However, I believe we are going to meet in person casually anywhere, anyhow, and anytime during the convention before Wednesday; so, we can agree and decide on a date and time to get together.

I'm really so excited about meeting all of you in person, especially those of you we've never met in person.



Nina Liakos said...

Dear Buth,
I am looking forward very much to meeting you at long last!

doris3m said...

Buth and all lucky webheads wish you a great time... I will be waiting for the day I can meet you, too! meanwhile I am happy to be able to read what you are reporting.. A warm hug and keep on shining!