Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dinner Reservation

I just made a reservation for 10 at Pongsri Thai for Wed. Apr. 2 at 7:30. I think there are going to be more people, but there are just 7 of us signed up on the Yahoo Group database! I will be able to adjust the number up or down next week, but I hope the webheads will let me know if they are coming or not!

In the meantime, no one has stepped forward to make a reservation for Thursday night, even though I know that several people (including me) are planning to eat together--somewhere. The difficulty is that once we get to New York, it may not be easy to communicate. We are staying in different hotels, not everyone has a cell phone, and not everyone will have internet access. The only thing I can think of is to post notices somewhere at the EV.

People are starting to pack their bags... I know Rita is flying to Connecticut tomorrow, and I think Ronaldo is arriving in New York for some sightseeing this weekend. TESOL is just around the corner!


Ronaldo Lima, Jr. said...

That's right, Nina. I'm packing today, leaving tomorrow, and excited all the time!

There's so much I want to do that I think I'll be the visitor that never sleeps in the city that never sleeps.

Nina Liakos said...

I wonder if you will be able to hop-on, hop-off the Water Taxi! (Welcome to the USA!)