Sunday, January 27, 2008

where to eat

My sister Margot says that restaurants are very expensive in midtown and in general it's worth subway fare to go down to the Village or Chinatown where the cheap restaurants are.

If you do stay midtown, though, she says, walk west to get to all the good restaurants. She mentioned an Ethiopian place, which seems to be off the map, and also the Sushi-Ann which seems to be closer. Actually if I read this right, there are over 3000 of them in midtown west alone.

Looking forward to seeing the webheads! tom-

Monday, January 7, 2008

What TAG should we use, dear tesol2008webheads?

When planning any kind of collaborative event among distributed participants, it's wise to establish a tag early on. May I suggest tesol2008webheads?

Once we've fixed on a tag, we'll want to use that tag with all posts made here (along with webheadsinaction, another productive tag, and perhaps tesol2008 to fit in with the larger TESOL picture.

Then we'll want to register the tag at hitchikr and use it for flickr photos and tag everything imaginable, slideshares, etc with this tag.

tesol2008webheads sound ok?

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Facebook Group

At risk of overdoing things, I've just created a wia-in-nyc group in Facebook and sent invitations to all the webheads, TESOLers and WATESOLers in my Facebook contacts. It's an open group, so feel free to join up. You can post your convention photos and videos there.


And here is Nina's next nifty production, our WIKI page to share dinner plans, presentation times and more.

More to come!!


If our first get-together was a BIG success and a memorable experience to all 25 Webheads in Seattle..., this second occasion will definitely need to surpass expectations!!!

Let's share ideas, possible meeting places, whatever we can think of to make it a real blast! The more we are the more options to choose from!!!